Saint Rose of Lima

Newton, CT

Newman Architects
Mack Brick Company
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Lafayette Modular

The campus of Saint Rose of Lima is located at 46 Church Hill Road in the well-known town of Newtown, Connecticut. It is a historic Roman Catholic church under the authority of the Diocese of Bridgeport founded under the patronage of Saint Rose of Lima. When arriving to the campus, you will first notice the Bell Garden of Peace. Then turning off to the left, the paver driveway arrives to the entrance of Saint Rose of Lima.

The location of the Garden and its openings in the wall serve as a barrier between the public and private realms. Traditional masonry walls line the property while the garden functions as both an entry portal to the church and a container for the activities happening on church property.

The Peace Garden is well-known in the media as a place for the community and congregation to gather in times of remembrance of the tragedy that struck Newtown in 2012. The Garden serves as a community beacon. The Garden is also used as an outdoor classroom to support outdoor learning for the St. Rose of Lima School on the campus.

The brick used in Saint Rose of Lima and the Bell Garden of Peace is Lafayette in modular size. This common sized brick from Glen-Gery provides the architect dependability and quality in a wide range of colors, textures and finishes to make their projects unique. The Lafayette color offers the classic and traditional charm of an extruded red facebrick.

The architect, Peter Newman’s, attention to detail and craftsmanship is apparent in all aspects of both projects, from the multiple curved walls and benches in the garden, to the breath-taking entrance of the church, with the four grand pillars framing the three set of double doors. This project adds a significant meaning to the community that joins everyone together in hope for peace across the world.


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