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Solaire 8200 Dixon

Silver Spring, MD

Design Collective
Brickworks Supply Center
Mason Contractor
Custom Klaycoat

Standing at Silver Spring’s tallest building, this 27-story high-rise designed by Design Collective is rooted in the principle of contemporary urban design and a community-centric ethos. Drawing inspiration from the thriving urban landscape, this mixed-use multi-family masonry high-rise seamlessly integrates with the vibrant tapesty of Silver Spring, Maryland. Woven into the fabric of the site, Solaire 8200 effortlessly connects residents to the Metro, Metropolitan Branch Trail and the surrounding pedestrian and transportation network of downtown Silver Spring.

The non-rectilinear site generates the unique shape of the lower levels, which sets back to create terraces on the upper levels leaving a simple L-shaped tower for the top 20-stories. The lower floors are clad in a dark grey tri-toned blend of Klaycoat brick. This earthy, grounded base is contrasted by the lighter Klaycoat brick blend used at the upper floors. Accents of orange metal are strategically placed throughout the façade to highlight the base and top of the building.

The curved form along Dixon Avenue creates an eye catching and inviting entry sequence and allows for a deep overhang at the Food Hall entrance and outdoor dining. Envisioned as a culinary haven, Solaire Social Food Hall will embrace the diversity of Silver Spring’s community and be a destination dining experience. Multiple local vendors will establish their first brick and mortar presence or expand their ventures. This public amenity is thought to become the “living room” of Silver Spring and will further enhance the vibrancy of this urban neighborhood. One of the most surprising features of this building is the 5-story above-grade parking garage that rises above the ground floor residential lobby and food hall.

Achieving LEED Gold, Solaire 8200 Dixon has made sustainability a core tenant and is a model for future high-quality developments. This project demonstrates how to create a walkable, mixed-use project that improves the quality of life not only for the residents but also for the surrounding community. Solaire 8200 Dixon is a prime example of how to create architecture that is both iconic and rooted in place.


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