Below are frequently asked questions


About Glen-Gery and Brickworks:

When was Glen-Gery founded? Glen-Gery was founded in 1890 in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania by Albert A. Gery.
Who owns Glen-Gery? Glen-Gery was acquired by Brickworks of Australia in November of 2018. 
Where is Glen-Gery's Corporate Office? The headquarter's office is located in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.
What brands does Glen-Gery own? Sioux City Brick (acquired in 2019), Cushwa Brick (acquired in 2020) and Lawrenceville Brick (acquired in 2020) are all part of Glen-Gery's brick product line offering. Landmark Stone is Glen-Gery's line of manufactured stone. Thin Tech and Tru Brix are part of Glen-Gery's Wall Systems brands.
What types of brick does Glen-Gery offer? Glen-Gery offers a large assortment of over 600 brick products from genuine handmade to molded, extruded, glazed, klaycoat, roman maximus, thin brick, paving brick, special shapes as well as imported products like Venetian Glass Brick, and others.
Where are the Glen-Gery factories located? Glen-Gery operates several brick manufacturing facilities and a manufactured stone factory. View Glen-Gery's locations map.
Does Glen-Gery have retail locations?  Yes! We own and operate several retail stores called Masonry Supply Centers and recently acquired the retail stores of Southfield Corp. View the Masonry Supply locations. 
Where can I buy Glen-Gery products? Products can be purchased from our company-owned Masonry Supply Centers (listing here) or an authorized Glen-Gery dealer/distributor (listing here).

Brick Terminology:

What is a brick? A masonry unit of clay and/or shale, formed into a rectangular prism while plastic and burned or fired in a kiln.
What is a typical brick size?  Modular is the most common size of brick offered. The unit measures 3-5/8" x 2-1/4" x 7-5/8" and takes 6.75 brick to cover 1 square foot of space.
What is a Thin Brick? A thin brick from Glen-Gery is a genuine clay brick that is either manufactured as a thin unit or cut thin. It a decorative unit, not a structural unit. The thicknesses can range but vary from 1/2" thick to 1" thick.
What is a cube of brick? A cube is referred to a large pack of brick. Brick are typically sold in cubes. Most of Glen-Gery's modular brick are in cubes of 520 pieces.
What is a stretcher? A stretcher is the face of the brick. Most brick only have one finished face that is meant to be seen, however some may have two. 
What is a bed? A bed is the top and bottom surface of a brick.
What is a header? A header is the ends or narrow surfaces of a brick.
Why do some bricks have "holes"? These "holes" are referred to as core holes. Depending on the manufacturing facility, the core holes may vary in size and shape. Extruded brick have core holes, but not always (some are extruded as solid units).

About Handmade Brick:

What is a handmade brick?  Glen-Gery Handmade bricks are genuinely made by hand. Our approach is adapted from the ancient art of hand-molding, and our stringent process results in attractive irregularity and unique architectural effects. 
What's the difference between handmade and machine made bricks? Handmade bricks, as opposed to other manufactured brick products, are literally made by hand, making each brick is unique and distinctive in character.
Where are Glen-Gery Handmade brick made? Handmade brick are made, individually, by hand at Glen-Gery's Mid-Atlantic Plant located in Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania. 


About Molded Brick:

What is a molded brick?  Glen-Gery's molded brick products are machine molded, meaning a machine presses clay into wooden mold boxes. Not all voids are filled, which gives an irregular softened edge that add character to each brick.  Molded brick are solid units (no core holes), some contain frogs.
What is a brick frog? A frog is a depression in one bearing face of a molded brick. The frog reduces the weight of the brick. Not every molded brick has a frog.
Where are Glen-Gery molded brick made? Molded brick are made, in wooden molded boxes at Glen-Gery's Mid-Atlantic Plant located in Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania, as well as our Iberia Plant in Iberia, Ohio. 


About Coated Brick:

What is a "coated" brick?  Glen-Gery offers three types of coated brick: glaze, klaycoat or engobe brick. All three coatings are fired on ceramic coatings and will not break down or fade. These three types are all manufactured at our Hanley Plant in Summerville, Pennsylvania. 
What is a glaze? Glen-Gery Glazed bricks are extruded clay bricks that have had a glaze applied to the outer surface, which is then carefully (single) fired to produce long-lasting, vibrant results. This glassy impervious coating that can be from a matt color finish to a high gloss and is typically resistant to graffiti and abrasion. Glazed are most commonly a glossy finish.
What is a klaycoat? A Klaycoat is a permeable coating that bonds to the surface of the brick and allows liquids and vapors to pass in and out without compromising the overall brick aesthetic. Similar to a glaze but has a very matt/chalky color texture. Color and texture is closer to a stone or natural material look than glaze which tends to be a higher gloss. Coating is generally thicker than an engobe.
What is an engobe? An engobe is a clay based coating that is typically applied as a thin coating which allows the texture and sometimes the color of the body to partially show through. 


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