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In the heart of the urban landscape, genuine clay brick pavers stand as enduring testaments to tradition, resilience, and timeless elegance, transforming city streetscapes into vibrant, inviting corridors of heritage and beauty. With a rich palette of colors genuine clay brick pavers allow for endless customization, making them ideal for driveways, walkways, patios, and landscaping projects.

New Colors are Liberty Copper, Plum Plaza, and Empire Blue

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Inspiration, Residential

Picture Perfect - A Virtual Design Tool by Glen-Gery


Personalize your home design before you begin building. Use the Picture Perfect virtual home design tool from Glen-Gery.
It gives you styler after style of brick, trim, and roofing to create the exact style of home you want. 

Design one of our pre-loaded commercial and residential images, upload and prepare your own image for free, or for a small fee,
let us professionally mask an image of your home.

Get started today!

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Inspiration, Projects

SKE+CHED with Leong Leong

In this episode, Chris Leong and Dominic Leong, partners at Leong Leong Architects, will discuss their work on The Ray, located at 1525 North American Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This project features an incredibly unique facade featuring Glen-Gery's red velour brick that is split at the core holes to create texture and depth across the city-block-long architectural marvel. 

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Design Vault Podcast with Doug Patt

From rustic homes to contemporary museums, brick is one of the most popular design elements for architects around the world. However, imagination of its use is often limited. This podcast will tell the inspiring stories of historic architects’ use of brick, and with the help of architectural leaders of the present, we’ll share how ideas of the past helped inspire and bring new designs to life. Each episode delivers compelling stories that will help stretch your imagination with brick and fuel your next design.⁠

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