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chateau series
Chateau Series - Luxe Residential Collection 

Experience our expansive brick product offering of more than 600 products, including custom colors.


Selecting a color range that interests you is one of the first steps in selecting a brick to fit your style. Whether it be a new home, an addition, fireplace surround, backsplash, brick accent wall or commercial building, Glen-Gery has the product selection to suit your needs.
The colors listed below only begin to display the remarkable range of colors in which Glen-Gery products are available. Glazes and klaycoat finishes allow us to create brick in colors that are not achievable through traditional methods of brick manufacturing such as pure whites, blues and greens.
Begin searching more than 600 Glen-Gery products by selecting a brick color family. Search results will include facebrick, thin brick and paving brick. Further filtering will become available after selecting a color family.

Black, Grey, White

Choosing neutral tones as part of your design are far from boring, they are often considered airy and open. View popular neutral brick colors in black, grey and white available below.

Cream, Tan, Buff, Brown

Invite nature into your design with these contemporary and elegant styles. View our range of earthy natural brick colors in cream, tan, buff and brown available below.

Pink, Orange, Rose

Bring a sense of warm into your project with one of these popular products from our pink, orange, and rose color family. Click below to see even more products in this color family.

Red, Burgundy, Purple

When classic meets modern, you can't go wrong with a product from the red, burgundy, and purple color family. Click below to browse the entire color family.

Other (Blue, Green, etc.)

This color family is not for someone who is looking to blend in. Stand out and be bold with products from this color family. Click below to see all products.

This is Glen-Gery

We create brick. That’s where we start, but it’s not even close to where we finish. We make beautiful products that last forever. We are a guide, thought leader, and cultivator of ideas.

This is Glen-Gery.

Recruitment and Selection Process

At Glen-Gery, we believe our most valuable assets are our people and we look to recruit and retain people who not only demonstrate strong technical capabilities but who embody our values and will thrive in our culture.


Although the precise details of each stage may vary according to the role, the information here is a guide to our standard process for application and recruitment for most positions.

Folio 2021

FOLIO is a publication by Glen-Gery that features work by some of today’s most inspiring architectural and design firms across the nation. FOLIO explores the architectural process while celebrating the beauty of brick in both traditional and innovative designs.

Featured Folio Projects

Dogwoodtrot House

Dumbarton Oaks

The Brickyard

View previous FOLIO editions by Brickworks


Whether you’re building a new home or planning a special project, you’ll find everything you need at a Glen-Gery Masonry Supply Center.

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