From rustic homes to contemporary museums, brick is one of the most popular design elements for architects around the world. However, imagination of its use is often limited. This podcast will tell the inspiring stories of historic architects’ use of brick, and with the help of architectural leaders of the present, we’ll share how ideas of the past helped inspire and bring new designs to life. Each episode delivers compelling stories that will help stretch your imagination with brick and fuel your next design.



design vault


Doug Patt

How to Architect

Season 1 Guests:

everyday studio


Mateusz Nowacki

Everyday Studio


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Steve Knight


Steve Knight

David M. Schwarz Architects

Vanderbilt University

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michelle wagner


Michelle Wagner

Morris Adjmi Architects

Front + York

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gavri slasky


Gavri Slasky

Stephen B. Jacobs Group

Morgan Parc

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david gross


David E. Gross

GF55 Architects

Park + Elton

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peter vanderpoel


Peter VanderPoel

VanderPoel Architects

Guilford Court

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sussan lari


Sussan Lari

Sussan Lari Architect PC

Henhawk House

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david kubik


David Kubick


Ganesvoort Row

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paul neuhaus


Paul Neuhaus


PA State Archives

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todd poisson


Todd Poisson


Tammany / 44 Union Square

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Season 2 coming Spring 2023!



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