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Klaycoat Brick

When you build with Glen-Gery Klaycoat®, color is more than just a finishing touch. It’s a focal point that takes any project from “okay” to “outstanding.” That’s inevitable when you have the opportunity to customize the color of your project in an unexpected way to meet any ask and exceed every expectation.

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SKE+CHED with Richard Wengle Architects

SKE+CHED ft. Richard Wengle Architects

Be inspired and dive deeper into the thought process behind Richard Wengle's custom molded brick residences in the Toronto area. 

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Glazed Brick

To create the unmistakable look of Glazed brick, a glaze is applied to the outer surface  of extruded clay and carefully fired, allowing  an unlimited long-lasting color range and variation of textures from glass smooth to speckled and rough. 

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