July 30 2020
1:00pm - 2:00pm

Speaker Series: Demystifying Masonry Anchors with Darryl Kegley

Demystifying Masonry Anchors: A Guide to Getting it Right Every Time: This course provides simple, but detailed guidance for choosing masonry anchors that provide the best performance and compatibility with other wall assembly components. overview Building code requirements that determine the anchor types for various masonry wall applications are identified. Characteristics of different anchor types are compared and recommendations are given for attachment to wood stud, steel stud, CMU and concrete backings, based on consideration of material movements and air space dimensions, as well as they types of membranes and continuous insulation.
July 21 2020
1:00pm - 2:00pm

Speaker Series: Exterior Insulation: Advanced Perspectives

Exterior Insulation: Advanced Perspectives for Fire, H2O, and Thermal Performance: Atlas Wall 05 Provider J522Design practices in framed wall construction rely largely on exterior insulation to comply with current energy codes and continuous insulation requirements. New challenges accompany this paradigm shift, including implications forNFPA285 compliant wall assemblies, tolerance to wetting events, and the continuity of thermal layers. This presentation examines the performance of exterior insulation in response to the demanding conditions found in modern rain screens and masonry veneer cavities. Particular emphasis is placed on NFPA285 compliance, thermal bridging, moisture transport, and the effects of wind-washing in ventilated rain screens. These advanced perspectives will empower professionals to design, specify, install, & achieve the benefits of exterior insulation while avoiding its unintended consequences.
July 16 2020
1:00pm - 2:00pm

Speaker Series: Designing with Glazed Brick for Style and Performance

Aesthetics and Performance Capabilities of Glazed and Surface Coated Brick Products. The durability of clay brick and the beauty of ceramic glazes have been combined for millennia to provide accents, highlights and entire facades of many iconic buildings of distinction and prominence. Today, brick coated with glazes and engobes continue to provide and extend the palette of brick colors and textures beyond the traditional, and provide the almost unlimited variety in aesthetics that designers expect. Many designers have yet to fully discover or understand the design capabilities, material characteristics and installation methods that provide superior performance in a wide variety of building applications from subways and schools to prisons and palaces.
July 07 2020
1:00pm - 2:00pm

Speaker Series: High Performance & Resilient Precast Educational Facilities

High Performance & Resilient Precast Educational Facilities. The evolving construction industry, recent code changes, increasing sustainability requirements and challenging economy are just some of the factors increasing demand for safe, healthy, high performance educational facilities. Today’s schools are more than just buildings; they are interactive learning environments. They are gathering places. They are safe havens for the community. This presentation will discuss recommendations on how to design and build high performance, sustainable and resilient schools, with reduced life-cycle costs. The benefits of prefabrication and off-site construction will be identified in the context of precast/prestressed concrete architectural and structural building solutions. And case studies will highlight high performance attributes - including optimization of numerous versatile, efficient and resilient building applications.


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