Brendan Iribe Center

College Park, MD

HDR, Inc.
Potomac Valley
Georgian, 53-DD

The Brendan Iribe Center, on the campus of the University of Maryland, is a 215,600 square-foot, six-story instructional and research facility with complex, specialized labs that support augmented reality and artificial intelligence, robotics, programming and is also the home of the 300-person Antonov Auditorium.

The building encompasses an image of technological advancement while preserving it’s neo-Georgian heritage on campus with its unique use of brick and bonds patterns.

On the interior wall of the Computer Science and Engineer Center, the brick is conducted in such a divine way that it appears as if it’s moving. The pattern signifies movement and information flow, leading it to achieve forward-thinking and technological innovation.

The material selection of two popular Glen-Gery molded brick colors, Georgian and 53-DD, worked perfectly for the Computer Science and Engineering building to blend in a while standing out on campus. The Brendan Iribe Centers is an excellent exhibit of preserving tradition and history while finding creative ways to be innovative and popular to spectators.


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