The Cooper

Wilmington, DE

Masonry Contractor
BPGS Construction
Delaware Brick
Structural Engineer
MacIntosh Engineering Developer/Building

The Cooper is a 92-unit multifamily residential project located in Downtown Wilmington on the lower side of Market Street and extends through to King Street. This masonry building was previously known as the Cooper Furniture Store.

DIGSAU salvaged the historic cast-iron façade of the original furniture store (built in 1874) and incorporated it within their design using Aspen White brick in two textures from Glen-Gery. The cast-iron section serves as the gateway into the building’s courtyard.

Drawing on the eclectic variety of the neighboring brick and limestone buildings, the standout features of the Cooper are the integrated range of brick bond patterns and textures, as well as the large arched windows on the ground level.

The five-story Cooper Apartments building is the perfect balance of style and comfort with impressive amenities and walkable convenience.


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