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Ten At Clarendon

Arlington, VA

Haresign Architects
Clark Builders Group
Brickworks Supply, formerly Capital Brick & Tile

Ten at Clarendon is a five-story, 143-unit luxury apartment community offering one, two, three, and four-bedroom units in the highly-coveted Arlington County neighborhood. The design of the project aimed to create a seamless transition, both in scale and use, between the small-scale residential neighborhood to the south and the dense, high-rise neighborhood to the north.

Stretching longer than a football field, the main façade of Ten at Clarendon incorporates vertical glass bays and metal fins to break down the apparent length of the overall building on this unique site. Glen-Gery brick was selected to wrap the building’s lower two floors. Smoky Quartz Ironspot, a cream brick with dark ironspots, provides the scale and durable clay-based material as the building ‘grows from the earth.’ The brick colors of Benson (deep brown) and Black Pearl (black) used as banding, wrap the base of the building, while four-story sections of a blend of Rome Grey and Golden Dawn (both cream tone brick) bays the façade composition and relates directly to the brick of the adjacent urban context.

Glen-Gery brick is a sustainable, durable, and low-maintenance material, making it perfect for inclusion in this LEED for Homes Platinum-rated building. The base condition is consistently durable by bringing Glen-Gery brick down to the grade around the entire structure: a stray snow shovel or car door won’t cause damage. At the commercial level specifications, the thin brick veneer wall allowed them to easily meet the building code mandated with insulating the wall cavities without complicating the weather sealing of the exterior wall system.


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