881 Lexington Avenue

Brooklyn, NY

Issac & Stern Architects
Glenwood Mason Supply
Pro H Designs

The 881 Lexington Avenue building is located in Stuyvesant Heights, Brooklyn. The building was designed with a modern facade featuring Glen-Gery’s Roman Maximus size brick in the color “Columbia”, expansive windows and a metal enclosure panel system.

A stand out feature of the 881 Lexington Ave building is the Roman Maximus size brick and the Sicilian bond pattern (also known as Random Bond) as it was laid. Roman Maximus brick was chosen for its horizontality proportions and varied length (4”, 6”, 8”, 16”, 18” and 20”) that break up a typical brick pattern. The vertical pattern adds to the modern feel.

This multi-use building consists of commercial spaces on the first floor and residential spaces from floors two through six. The building has a height of 70 feet above grade and was designed with a concrete frame. The building includes many amenities including several exercise facilities, gated access, a rooftop terrace and high end appliances in each unit.


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