La Clairiere

Princeton, New Jersey

Studio PHH Architects
Church Brick
Michael Antolino Construction

The La Clairiere residence is located in Princeton, New Jersey. La Clairiere features the Roman Maximus brick in black with wood accents that dissolve in the trees from a distance and appears when approaching the residence through the wooden landscape.

The house is designed as two solid masses carefully positioned on the landscape, each containing an assortment of private spaces; the void between these two shifted volumes allows the landscape to run through its core and encloses all the communal activities.

Two large brick façade sectors stand tall and attach to the glass core. These brick sectors have windows and balconies to provide uniformity from the exterior yet uniqueness for each interior space. These volumes are built out of Black Roman Maximus brick chosen for their highly textured, horizontal proportions and the varied lengths that break up any continuity in vertical joints on the façade. The individual unit of brick, which provides depth from close, becomes a part of a larger texture of subtle horizontal grain, forming the mass of the volumes.

With black sills and headers and deep brick returns, the window details emphasize the walls’ thickness and provide privacy for the spaces within. These two blocks contain seven bedrooms, the master suite, garage, office, mudroom, and laundry room. The custom windows are carefully calculated to provide natural light and views while maintaining a sense of privacy and protection.

In sharp contrast to the solid Black Roman Maximus brick, the wood-lined space is capped by large window walls at each end, providing views over the nearby lake. The large glass core of the home includes the kitchen, dining, living rooms, and mezzanine offering elevated views to the lake.


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