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Integrated Science Center

Williamsburg, VA

Glave Holmes Architects
Riverside Brick & Supply
Snow Jr. & King Masonry

The College of William & Mary, located in Williamsburg, VA., was founded in 1693, making it the second oldest college in the United States. The campus buildings are constructed of brick to achieve an everlasting 18th-century appearance. The Integrated Science Center is located in the middle of the campus, featuring Glen-Gery’s molded brick. The curved brick façade connects two science buildings to create an interconnected complex. This curved façade echoes the seating wall and architectural detail that frame the entire
entry plaza.

It was necessary to continue the flow of existing colors throughout the campus in this project, and the designing architect also wanted to integrate a header look throughout the building, making a blend of Hunt Valley and Santa Fe in modular size the perfect choice to create a softer color tone that mixed well with the rose-colored and red brick buildings located throughout the campus. The addition of Hunt Valley brick headers sets the building apart and creates an architectural statement of blending old architecture with new.


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