Tree Huis

Marion County, IA

Substance Architecture
Brickworks Supply, formerly Glen-Gery Des Moines Supply Center
Neumann Brothers
Ebonite Velour

The Tree Huis is located in Marion County, Iowa. This 7,000 square foot building is placed on a 65-acre site that provides a place for annual family gatherings or business conferences. This modern facility includes ample space that can host up to 100 guests for dining, lounging, or enjoying the great outdoors on the deck and surrounding trailheads.

The direct design for the Tree Huis was relatable and straightforward to the land and functional needs of the building. The residential qualities of the building were leveraged with the surrounding landscape to create lasting memories for the guests. The Tree Huis lies within the hill, which further emphasizes the primary façade’s horizontal design. The norman size brick selected is roughly four inches longer than a modular size brick, creating a very pronounced long, linear appearance.

The material, color and texture selection, Ebonite Velour brick, significantly impacted this project and its overall feel. The brick is carefully detailed with raked bed joints and nearly-flush head joints to emphasize the horizontal lines of the entire building. The sheen of the brick creates a metallic reflection -- in some lights, it appears dark grey and others blue. This creates something beautiful with its surroundings and emphasizes the timeless feel that will be there forever.

The same material, Ebonite Velour brick, is also carried through to the interior walls, providing warmth and texture and bringing the outdoors inside. The raw material was mined and made into brick just three hours north of the site.



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