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The Waycroft

Arlington, VA

David M. Schwarz Architects, Inc.
Brickworks Supply, formerly Glen-Gery Capital Brick Masonry Supply Center

The Waycroft, located in Arlington, Virginia, is a 61,000 square feet multi-residential building with three levels of underground parking that sits on an entire city block in the well-known neighborhood of Ballston.

The broad curve façade of The Waycroft makes for a dramatic landmark at a critical intersection of Glebe Road and Wilson Boulevard, linking the commercial business district with a residential community. This building offers 491 units, with retail giant Target and the Silver Diner restaurant located on the ground level, occupying about 100,000 square feet for retail purposes.

This remarkable project features multiple façade heights that create three unique architectural buildings, all linked with separate entrances, utilizing various brick colors, shapes and textures from Glen-Gery. Each building possesses a unique aesthetic design yet blends seamlessly into the surrounding neighborhood, and each other.

The project features blends of several brick colors from light cream to deep red across full and thin brick sizes. The combination of brick bond patterns and color mortars utilized alongside the custom corner details of precast and brick quoins as well as other materials, provide interest, depth and dimension to this breath-taking city block.


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