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LIVE JAN 20 Speaker Series: US Pavilion Talk

Join us LIVE on January 20th from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

About this event

Paul and Paul will talk about the ideas behind the topic, the work within it, and the execution of the US Pavilion: American Framing at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia.

About the Speakers

Paul Andersen is the director of Independent Architecture, a Denver-based office whose projects speculate on the roles that form, repetition, and pop culture play in architecture. He shapes the office’s agenda and practice, conducting design projects that include buildings, exhibitions, and writing. For the 2021 Venice Biennale, he and Paul Preissner designed and curated the US Pavilion, which presented work on wood framing in America.

In addition to teaching at UIC, Andersen has taught at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and Cornell University. He was appointed a Fulbright specialist in architecture and has been a guest curator at the MCA Denver and the Biennial of the Americas. He has written several books, including The Architecture of Patterns and The Monuments Power the Cars, along with essays and articles on design.

Paul Preissner runs Paul Preissner Architects, which is located in Oak Park. He and Paul Andersen are the commissioners and curators of the Pavilion of the United States at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia.

He is the author of Kind of Boring: Canonical Work and Other Visible Things Meant to Be Viewed as Architecture (Actar, 2021).

On-Trend Home Designs for 2022

A home design that blends multiple elements seamlessly can be both inviting and visually interesting. If you’re planning to upgrade your living space in 2022, consider incorporating materials like stone and brick, which bring color, texture and functionality while complementing some of this year’s leading design trends. Settling on a design aesthetic is the first step for most renova tion projects, but it can be a challenge for many homeowners. If you’re in need of inspiration for a project on the horizon, consider these 2022 trends from the design experts at Glen-Gery:

Warm Colors

Look for a shift toward warmer colors like beige, tan, caramel, cocoa and even black. Designers are moving from cool grays to a warmer coffee-inspired palette. The use of warmer colors on structural elements of a home, like brick, stone, siding, doors and shutters, offer visual warmth while making a statement. 

Textures and Patterns 

Textures and patterns are popping up in many on-trend designs. Texture can enhance the overall feeling of a space by offering depth and complexity that draws a visitor into the room. The use of texture in a design element, like stone or brick, can provide visual interest and engage the mind with a tactile response that encourages interaction with the environment.

Outdoor Inspiration

Nature is inspiring an array of design elements this year. You may see this trend emerging through increased use of glass for light and views of nature, as well as continued focus on the versatile and transitional indoor-outdoor spaces that gained momentum during the height of the pandemic. Approaches may vary depending on the homeowner’s style and climate, but examples include larger patios in brick and stone, as well as more functional private patios and porches. Another aspect of this trend is the tendency for homeowners to integrate indoor conveniences such as kitchens, fireplaces, furniture and electronics into their outdoor spaces.

Clean Lines

This season, designers are creating inviting, comfortable and serene spaces with modern vibes through the use of clean lines in design, materials and furnishings. One trick is integrating elements that transfer light or give an illusion of illumination from a higher sheen, such as glass brick. The play of light and shadows simultaneously blends inspiration from nature with sleek lines and dramatic focal points to evoke a sense of balanced calm and strength. This approach can also come to life through ceiling windows, furnishings and the use of stone, brick and wood on statement walls or accents.


Bringing On-Trend Design into Your Home

Brick is a versatile design material that fits virtually any trending design. From handmade to glazed bricks and nearly everything in between, you can find building products in a diverse array of colors, textures and sizes to emphasize focal points and capture your target design aesthetic. 

Brick carries a sense of tradition, character and timelessness while also serving as a popular choice for homeowners due to its design flexibility. With benchmark qualities such as low maintenance, resilience, durability, sustainability and beauty, brick can help homeowners balance function with appearance. 

When looking for brick, consider a quality and reputable option like Glen-Gery, which offers an extensive line of more than 600 brick and stone products that provide nearly endless design possibilities and timeless beauty. The brickmaker’s collections feature an assortment of both traditional and modern products to unique international items sourced from around the globe that evoke beauty, elegance and creativity.

Get your design planning underway with a virtual design tool like Picture Perfect that helps you visualize projects for your home while experimenting with different building products to achieve the perfect look.


Be Inspired, Browse Projects

Brick Fireplace :

Ebonite Velour

Stone Fireplace :

Cashmere Limestone


Columbia Roman Maximus

Black Roman Maximus

2022 Trend Forecaster Q&A with Mark Woodman

Trend Forecaster: 2022 Emerging Trends in Product Design, Colors and Innovation

with Mark Woodman

The last two years have changed how we live and thus how we design. As designs focus more heavily on comfort and attention to living space, the emerging trends in colors, product designs, textures and innovations have reflected those shifts.

Mark Woodman is the owner of Mark Woodman Design + Color, LLC and is an expert in the field of design, building products, and trend forecasting. In this Q&A, Woodman explores upcoming trends in the design field that also cross over into the building products realm in anticipation of 2022.

How will we see these trends used in architectural, interior and product design, home renovations and decor, fashion, and product innovations? Prepare for the year ahead with these enlightening insights and predictions from Woodman.

Q: What style trends have you seen quietly gaining momentum over the past year? Why do you think they are gaining popularity?

A: Softness - Especially in fabrics such as velvet, wool and corduroy. Textures of all sorts. And matte or low-sheen finishes on surfaces like quartz, porcelain and brick or stone.

These trends are comforting and inviting, offering a moment of calm. The need for ease and comfort was already emerging as an upcoming trend, but the pandemic drove it into hyper speed. Now that we’ve spent more time in comfy sweats, cozy sweaters, and some cushy chairs, we want our interior elements to reflect those qualities.

Q: What style trends have been impacted by the pandemic, if any?

A: One of the biggest living space trends to be impacted by the pandemic is open floor plans. We have discovered that they are not that convenient, are rather loud, and offer little privacy. There is an anticipation of the delineation of “flex” spaces with moveable walls, if not whole rooms added back to the living space. If a separate room is carved out, it will still be designed as a flex space. Office in the morning, classroom in the afternoon, tv lounge at night.

Q: What style trends can we expect to see in 2022?

A: More warm colors will emerge, such as beige, tan, caramel, cocoa, etc. It’s a palette of coffee colors from latte to espresso! The interesting thing is that they will influence other hues to warm up a bit, especially grey and black.

The textures will continue to offer us depth. And there will be more patterns, especially florals and botanicals.

The connection to the outdoors became really important during the pandemic and after. It was the escape; it was the place to feel free. And we started to garden flowers and food! It was exhilarating, and people want to expand on that.

Q: How do you anticipate these trends translating into the home building category?

A: First is the re-think of open floor plans and the emergence of flex rooms. The connection to the outdoors will be very important, too. Lots of glass for light and views, and the addition of “outdoor” space.

It could be the addition of a Juliet Balcony, which allows you to step outside, or having a potted plant - any connection to the outdoors. Of course, larger patios in brick and stone complete with outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, and sweeping walls of plants will be desired for both single and multi-family living.

Q: How will these trends transform from interior to exterior spaces?

A: A lot of what I track and discuss is interior-focused, but many of the elements take place on the exterior, too. Warmer colors on the structure, whether deep reds or sandy beige hues, have great visual warmth. Elements like glass bricks, especially translucent, can transfer light or give the illusion of illumination just by their higher sheen.

Both interior and exterior spaces need to be practical and long-wearing. Supply chains, having been interrupted globally, means it’s not simple to switch something out in a short period. Items have to be selected that will last, perform and bring long-term joy.

Stay ahead of all the newest and emerging design trends for 2022 with our 2022 new products to see how many of these trends are translating into stone and brick design possibilities for your next project. 


Stone Fireplace :

Cashmere Limestone

Private Residence :

Ebonite Velour

Cashmere Limestone


Whether you’re building a new home or planning a special project, you’ll find everything you need at a Glen-Gery Masonry Supply Center.

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