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Professional Development and Administration Center School District 59

Contractors Material Inc.
Autumn Haze

This unique project is known as the Professional Development and Administration Center School District 59 (CCSD 59). It replaced an underutilized District 59 asset (the site of a long-since demolished school) with a professional development center designed with spaces intended to model the teaching and learning practices expected within the District’s classrooms. Public, Private, and Back-of-House program zones were created to meet the District’s Professional Development Training, District Administration, and Facility Maintenance space needs. The design solution creates overlapping common (shared) spaces among the zones, fostering spontaneous interactions, small group meeting opportunities, hoteling, and flexible workspaces. Multiple flexible spaces accommodate training groups ranging in size from 1 to over 100, with many options in between. Several outdoor spaces are provided as an extension of the training, dining, and spontaneous interaction spaces.


Read more in the full case study. 


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