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When selecting a brick product for your next project, one of the first characteristics considered is the color. While brick is often selected for its unbeatable benefits, it is also chosen for its versatile color, texture and size combinations. Color can evoke a certain mood and assist in achieving a desired outcome. We often see architects and designers incorporating multiple colors, or creating one-of-a-kind custom blends using multiple brick to bring their project to the next level. We’ve broken out some of the most popular and trending brick colors (past, present and future) to help you find the perfect match for your vision.

Black Brick

Black brick products extend a contemporary edge to any project. Whether you are looking for a deep, smooth black brick product, or a rough, smoky look, search no further, because the coolest black bricks on the block are right at your fingertips.

White Brick

White bricks put forward a refreshing and light feel to any project, whether you are looking for a crisp, smooth white brick product, or a textured and creamy look, you will find your style with Glen-Gery. These trending white brick colors are available in a variety of tones for every atmosphere.

Red Brick

Red bricks are both classic and timeless. Our offering of red brick products have the versatile ability to lean toward classic or modern designs, and everything in between! Red brick is truly timeless, and architects, designers and homeowners are transforming the stereotype of a common red brick by incorporating it in their modern designs.

Grey Brick

Grey bricks are offered in both subtle neutrals and with deep smoky effects. Involving a grey palette into your design can mean many things, whether it is appending a light monochromatic feel, or a dramatic and hazy note. These neutral and stylish grey brick colors are for every aesthetic.

Cream Brick

Glen-Gery’s assembly of cream brick colored products are ideal for architects, designers, builders, and homeowners who are looking to bring an element of elegance to their design. Our cream-colored bricks are available in hues from pearl to ivory, and were carefully curated for those high-class designs.

Burgundy Brick

Our burgundy brick products are sought after for their wide selection of textured, smooth, subtle, and rich traits. These deep, red-purple tones evoke a feeling associated with passion and creativity that has been around for centuries, adding a twist to the classic red brick.

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