Q&A: Brick Pathway with an Engraved Twist


The Handmade Home, by Jamin and Ashley Mills, share their experiences renovating their home through DIY projects. Their latest project consists of a paver pathway in the front of their home, which include some special engraved brick pavers by Glen-Gery. Keep reading to learn more about their project! 

Q: Why did you choose to design/redesign this space?
A: Our 1976 aggregate wasn't serving our home well. It was slippery, old and crumbling. It did nothing for the over-all curb appeal. We'd already refinished the outside, but the sidewalk was another story. We knew we wanted softer curves to add to our front yard to soften our home's split level angles from the outside. Brick pavers were a natural choice to incorporate that timeless look.

Q: What made you choose the market street paver?
A: We adore the tumbled finish and color of this amazing paver. We definitely wanted a timeless look with lots of instant character. This brick paver was perfect for the final look we were going for.

Q: What was your design inspiration?
A: There's something about the timeless appeal of old streets in brick. Our own college in Auburn Alabama had brick pavers on sidewalks in walking to class, and there is a certain nostalgia about that. Some of our favorite historical cities we've visited, like New Orleans and Charleston maintain brick pavers for the same timeless tradition. It made sense to bring this detail to our front yard for a great look and as a nod to where we live now, in Franklin Tennessee. It's an area rich in history, and we just adore a lovely brick pathway. 

Q: How has Glen-Gery products helped to transform your space?
A: The before and after definitely speak for themselves with the amazing change. But you know you've made a difference in your front yard before adding any new greenery when all the neighbors are complimenting that new brick pathway. Our son's bus driver even told him "the yard is looking so good" when he stepped off the bus one day. This will be an ongoing landscaping project we only hope to add to it in the spring, so it's already made a huge difference. 

Q: What was your experience working with Glen-Gery products?
A: Glen-Gery is a solid, dependable product that adds such a beautiful accent to any home. We really loved implementing this project into our front yard space. One of our favorite elements was the personalization that was added to that walkway. If you look closely, you can find our children's names and Mills, est. 2002. It's a special little addition that was so subtle, but also means so much. 

Q: Would you use Glen-Gery products again in the future?
A: Absolutely. The brick made such a huge difference, I would love to add more in different ways around our home. 

Q: Would you recommend Glen-Gery to a friend?
A: I recommend Glen-Gery to anyone that will listen! From clients to friends and strangers in the coffee shop, their quality is just amazing.

Q: What project is next on your list?
A: Our 1976 home has been a complete remodel over time. We hope to add some more entertaining areas and landscaping around our pool in the future, in the back yard. We also have {very future} plans for a stand alone carriage house and garage that doubles as an art studio. An artist can dream, right?

Q: What would you do differently if you had the chance to redo this project?
A: I would have added knee pads :D But all joking aside, I'm not sure we would change anything.

Q: What was your favorite/least favorite part of the whole process?
A: It was really satisfying to see that brick go down so easily, in such a fun pattern. We can't wait to see how good it looks in the spring when we can add real plants, greenery and a cutting garden around the border for a gorgeous feel. Our fingers are crossed that some of our plants made it through that cold this winter. Either way though, the brick is looking great. 

Q: How would you rate the projects outcome?
A: We are thrilled with the way it all turned out. I would say excellent.

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