Panel Discussion | Sustainable and Functional Design

Panel Discussion: Sustainable and Functional Design

This panel discussion was held in our Brickworks New York Design Studio and hosted by Farah Ahmad, licensed public sector Architect and LEED Accredited Professional based in New York City. The panelists included Mark Faulkner of PAU, and Scott Hurst and Sean McGuire, both of Gensler’s Chicago office. The panel defined the various certifications parameters of LEED, Fitwel, ILFI Zero, and BREEAM. Each panelist was able to evaluate sustainable best practices of reaching Net-0 reviewing existing projects. The projects showcased exterior trends and how the design has been adjusted to fit this environmental initiative.

LU/HSW credited:

The program reviewed strategies employed on completed project to achieve net zero. Various green rating/certification systems and their criteria were discussed, and terms related to sustainable building were defined. New and old design strategies effectiveness and compatibility with current building design trends were compared including passive solar, high-efficiency lighting and renewable energy. The learning objectives include:

  • Define the differences between certifications LEED, Fitwel, ILFI Zero, and BREEAM
  • Evaluate projects utilizing sustainable design criteria to achieve better energy efficiency
  • Identify facade trends that can be integrated into sustainable designs of the future
  • Review the information critical to educating clients and balancing design requests with new sustainable technologies

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