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For the first time in history, brick made it’s way to New York Fashion Week. In our Brickworks Design Studio on 5th Avenue, fashion and architecture collided in a space filled with prestigious architects, designers, and fashion symbols. We are honored to have had the opportunity to partner with HARMONIA, a brand that inspires and ignited the creative power of self-expression through their clothing designs, just as we wish to accomplish through brick. This iconic event showcased Glen-Gery’s new and popular brick products as we released our 2023 Brick Styles catalog, while corresponding clothing designs walked the runway for 300+ guests to experience. 


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During the exhibition, HARMONIA NY showcased 14 high fashion looks inspired by the 2023 Brick Styles Catalog and Glen-Gery's diverse portfolio of designer bricks, which are available in a wide array of colors, sizes and textures, including:

  • Pitt Cafe Series - Glen-Gery's inaugural Brick Color of the Year which features a collection of soft, neutral-toned bricks inspired by 2023's nature-inspired color and design trends that embody warmth, coziness and texture.
  • Altitude - The newest addition to Glen-Gery's Aviator Series which consists of several distinct monochromatic tone bricks with sharp contrasts that resemble those of early aircraft and aviation equipment.
  • Blue Smooth IronspotA part of the Sioux City Blues Series, a range of dark blue-black, through-body bricks that makes any modern design a standout project. Varying weather and lighting brings out the inherent luster and sheen in each individual brick.
  • True Gray SeriesThese cool, neutral, gray-toned, through-body color bricks were flawlessly created for those who seek a simple yet edgy aesthetic.
  • Emporium+ Series - Natural light will bring out the luster of these lightly coated facebricks, available in wirecut and smooth finishes, and premium colors that add unrivaled quality and sophistication.
  • Metallix Series - With its depth of color, the Metallix range reflects light on finished brickwork, creating a satin metallic sheen that glimmers and sparks immediate interest.
  • Venetian Glass BrickA range of brilliant, transparent, colored designer glass bricks inspired by the work of Venetian artisans.


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