Design Vault Ep. 7 Henhawk House with Sussan Lari


sussan lari


As a graduate of the University of Tehran's School of Architecture in her native Iran, Sussan Lari continued her studies in America by completing two master's degrees in architecture and planning from the University of Pennsylvania. She began her professional career with the Eggers Group P.C., Architects, Planners, Interior Designers, where she was the first woman to be named Vice President and stayed with them for 13 years. 


After giving birth to her daughter, Sussan founded her own firm - Sussan Lari Architect PC - in 1992, jumpstarting the new company with corporate interior architecture projects in Manhattan. In time, Sussan's interest evolved and today Sussan Lari Architect is a full-service boutique architectural and design build firm that crafts custom residential and commercial architecture in the greater tri-state area. This change of direction brought about a change of personnel; a new team of well-trained, devoted, and detail-oriented collaborators capable of handling the required creative and technical challenges. Sussan was elected President of the Long Island Chapter of the AIA for the year 2000, and her firm is an ongoing member. 


Sussan Lari Architect aims to design and help build functional, comfortable, and beautifully designed spaces for modern living. The firm prides themselves on maintaining a mindful collaboration with all their clients, while also accomplishing their goals within budget and on schedule. By implementing a multidisciplinary approach, every project encompasses the entire spectrum of design and the construction process. Through meticulous attention to detail and passion for creative design solutions, their work is a unique reflection of each client's needs. 

This year, Sussan is celebration the 30-year anniversary of Sussan Lari Architect PC.



This project was a gut renovation and major expansion of an existing residence. The existing structure was approximately 4,100 square feet of a Tudor style architecture. Sussan's client purchased the house mostly because of the size of the property and its location. What they ended up keeping was the dining room, as the client liked the architectural, plaster ceiling and its decorative elements. We also kept the living room and its fireplace with the brick chimney that stood tall above the roof. Everything else was eliminated including the cellars. 

The new 13,300 square foot construction framed these two existing rooms and expanded in three directions. The revised second floor added height to the first floor, except for the dining room that remained with a lower ceiling height. This design outcome was a L-shaped structure with a multi-level first and second floor which added playfulness and provided much higher ceilings for most rooms in the house. 

The gallery was maintained all along the first and second floors overlooking the internal garden where the pool is located. The house enjoys plenty of windows to bring in natural light and connect the inside to the outside. Although the house is a Tudor style design language on the outside with intricate brick design layering, stucco & wood paneling, the inside is completely open, expansive, bright, and modern. 

An excellent combination for today's modern residences with a classical exterior and a delightfully modern interior.


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