Glen-Gery clay thin brick for use in precast or tilt-up applications has been increasing for many years. Advances in concrete, as well as strict requirements related to the physical properties of the thin brick themselves, have led to increased durability and performance.

The use of Glen-Gery clay thin brick allows the appearance of full size brick with a wide variety of textures and colors, along with the performance and the ease of installation of concrete wall panels.

Benefits of Glen-Gery genuine claythin brick in precast and tilt-up applications:

  • Genuine hard-fired clay brick with matching full brick available
  • Multiple sizes available from modular, engineer, econo, norman and utility
  • Available in smooth and velour (wirecut) – other rougher/deeper textures including R Texture available on per job basis
  • Wide variety of special shape capability – including thicker units for corbelling and a broad selection of finished faces and configurations based on specific project requirements
  • Grinding available to meet ASTM or PCI tolerances
  • Wax coating available for ease of cleaning
  • Increased sustainability – decreased use of raw materials and energy required to manufacture
  • Reduced fuel and energy use – minimizing energy costs in manufacturing and transportation
  • Reduced superstructure costs – thinner walls and reduced seismic concerns with load bearing capabilities
  • Less jobsite impact allows for cleaner work environment with less material onsite

Glen-Gery Eastline Thin Brick are also suitable for precast/tilt-up applications. Eastline Thin Brick are 1/2" extruded thin brick with dovetail backs (not cut from fullsize units).


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