Real veneer brick alternative that expands your design potential.


Real brick with a wider range of applications -- Thin Brick provides an alternative solution that expands your design potential by eliminating certain restrictions, opening the possibilities to enhance interior or exterior walls and design elements. Thin Brick's space saving and affordability put real brick within reach for countless applications.

A multi-purpose real clay brick veneer that augments nearly any surface, Thin Brick can transform your project, both inside and out, with the rich appearance and lasting service only brick provides.

Glen-Gery offers thin brick in the widest variety of colors, textures and overall appearance including extruded, molded, handmade, glazed and klaycoat units. Nearly all of our products can be manufactured as thin brick, or cut down to thin brick from full size units. 

Because they limit supporting structure, Thin Brick applications are lighter, with fewer seismic concerns than ordinary brick. Less material means less energy cost in transport and manufacturing, and reduced wall costs through eliminating shelf angles, lintels and so on.

Thin brick use in precast or tilt up applications has been increasing for many years. Advances in concrete, as well as strict requirements related to the physical properties of the thin brick themselves, have led to increased durability and performance. Our array of products that meet strict TBX requirements make Glen-Gery thin brick a premier choice for precast or tilt up applications.

Glen-Gery Eastline thin brick is a select group of extruded 1/2" thin brick with dovetail backs, which are also suitable for precast or tilt up applications, as well as traditional thin brick applications.


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