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Architecture is often defined as much by the small detail as it is by the grand gesture. Glen-Gery's line of molded brick performs beautifully in both large-scale design features and smaller, more intimate touches, delivering the distinctive look your plans demand.

For over a century, Glen-Gery's molded brickwork has elevated architecture both great and small. Our range of colors and styles is unmatched, and our molded brick provide a myriad of options for exteriors in the widest possible range of residential, institutional and commercial structures. Our commitment to implementing new technology in brickmaking, while sticking with artisanal methods of the past, has earned a nationwide reputation.

Authentic molded brick offers limitless options and boundless potential for outdoor construction. In adding a patio to a home or constructing a new symphony hall, our varied styles of molded brickwork yield options galore. For instance, if the design demands a classic cobblestone style, Glen-Gery's molded New Amsterdam Paver series present the iconic look of a vintage American street. Or perhaps there isn't space for brick of a traditional depth: Glen-Gery Thin Brick provides the sturdy and elegant appearance of real molded brick, but can be placed over virtually any other construction surface. A variety of shades and shapes ensure that no matter what appearance a project requires, from weathered to brand new, we can provide it.

If your project lies outside even our diverse range of products, Glen-Gery will produce custom molded bricks to meet your unique needs. Our staff is ready, willing, and able to craft novel brick creations for nearly any requirement. We can provide the unique detail that completes the sweeping whole – the basis for realizing the creative imagination in architectural reality. Glen-Gery's molded brick is a versatile, beautiful resource to shape practically any construction project.


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