Classic style, each brick is handmade with old-world craftsmanship.


Calling on centuries of brick making tradition and craftsmanship, handmade brick embodies a completely individual character. Each Glen-Gery handmade brick is prepared and molded by hand for genuinely unique character. To say it simply, every one of these bricks is unique! A spectrum of rich colors and shades marries contemporary masonry with classic style.

In earlier times, brick manufacturing was not just a matter of knowledge and formula; it was also very much the product of skilled hands. Faster mass-production techniques have largely supplanted the labor-intensive methods that produced splendid brick styles, textures and colors in the past. At Glen-Gery, America's masters of quality brick manufacturing, the secrets of producing classic handmade brick have never been lost or forgotten. Experience acquired in more than a century of painstaking work makes Glen-Gery the nation's ultimate source for this fine handmade product.

We offer nearly two dozen colors of handmade brick plus thin brick – and every gorgeous shade enriches contemporary masonry with that vintage look. Structures built of handmade brick capture as nothing else can the warmth and history – indeed, the artisan spirit – of a bygone era. We do it all right here in the United States with our signature combination of tradition and dedication.


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