Early in America's storied architectural history, brick represented the finest in paving material refinement. Smoother than true cobblestone, brick pavers offered an aesthetically pleasing and varied visual experience, with its own signature durability. Glen-Gery hasn't forgotten this golden era; in fact, it never truly ended. For more than a century, America's leader in brick manufacturing has offered clients the finest in solutions that bring any paving project to its ideal conclusion.

One of paving brick's greatest advantages is its stylistic versatility. Glen-Gery offers an assortment of colors, sizes, and finishes in pavers, a superb expression of the company’s famous product variety. From the crisp lines of extruded pavers to the historical elegance of molded cobblestone pavers, brick's geometric perfection is an incredible asset in paving design. Countless patterns are at the disposal of any bricklayer and any designer. Indeed, brick's exceptional design versatility makes it a superior choice for most outdoor applications.