The largest palette to create your masterpiece.


Versatile, beautiful and lasting, brick is the building material of choice for a practically limitless array of construction requirements. And no maker of brick surpasses the skill and craftsmanship of Glen-Gery.

Regardless of the color, texture or styles selected, our brick provides an ideal building medium, in which architectural designs of every kind can be fully realized. From classic home architecture to the most contemporary corporate centers, virtually anything can be superbly created in brick. In commercial and institutional applications, Glen-Gery brick conveys permanence and substance; in the residential market, warmth and elegance.

Glen-Gery has been America's premier brickmaker for well over a century, and we continue to innovate with our lines of stunning, richly appealing selections. For projects of any size and scope, Glen-Gery offers the perfect solution – with bricks manufactured exclusively in the United States, as part of the great tradition of American masonry.


Extruded Brick

The crisp, angular edges of extruded brick are produced as a result of the manufacturing process in which material is forced through a die under high pressure, forming a stiff column of material. After the column is formed, it can be textured in a variety of ways. The column is then sliced into individual brick.


Molded Brick

The soft irregular edges of molded brick are produced in a manufacturing process in which material is dropped into a mold box, vibrated and then released. Molded brick usually have sand finish textures since sand is used as a releasing agent in the box.


Handmade Brick

Glen-Gery authentic handmade brick is a perfect example of old-world craftsmanship. Each brick is individually formed and placed in a wooden mold to create a wonderfully textured two being alike. The overall look in the wall is authentic in every way to our early colonial structures.


Glazed Brick

Glen-Gery's glazed brick meets the highest standards of uniformity, quality and durability, and is available in a variety of beautiful shades, pure colors and speckled surfaces. Custom glazed colors are available.


Klaycoat Brick

Klaycoat brick comes in a dazzling, practically limitless array of colors and shades, and available in six textures. Klaycoat brick's surface is breathable, an important advantage in many applications. Liquids and vapors pass in and out of it without damaging the permeable surface.


Thin Brick

Thin Brick veneer looks like a conventional brick masonry wall, yet weighs considerably less. For that reason, it's popular with homeowners for redecorating or renovating existing walls. Glen-Gery offers Thin Brick in the widest variety of colors, textures and overall appearance.


Paving Brick

One of paving brick's greatest advantages is its stylistic versatility. Glen-Gery offers an assortment of colors, sizes, and finishes in pavers, a superb expression of the company’s famous product variety. From the crisp lines of extruded pavers to the historical elegance of molded cobblestone pavers, brick's geometric perfection is an incredible asset in paving design.