Lunch + Learn: Avoiding Cracks in Brickworks [Philadelphia]

12:00pm - 1:00pm

1319 Walnut St
Philadephia, PA 19107
United States


Lunch will be provided.

Our events are open to architectural, design, and building industry professionals only.

Lunch & Learn: 

Avoiding Cracks in Brickworks

This course focuses on identification, anticipation and control of the movements that affect masonry facades and the structures that support them. The effects of temperature, moisture and other forces on brick and other building materials are discussed as well as recommended methods for detailing, locating, spacing and installation of vertical and horizontal movement joints.

This presentation should teach attendees-

  • Compare how different masonry materials respond to changes in their environment.
  • Discuss strategies and best practices for movement joint location, detailing and installation.
  • Identify conditions that cause movement in structures.
  • Anticipate where movement joints must be incorporated into brick construction.





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