Lunch + Learn: Demystifying Masonry Anchors [Philadelphia]

12:00pm - 1:00pm

1319 Walnut Street
Philadephia, PA 19107
United States


Demystifying Masonry Anchors: A Guide to Getting it Right Every Time

This course provides simple, but detailed guidance for choosing masonry anchors that provide the best performance and compatibility with other wall assembly components. overview Building code requirements that determine the anchor types for various masonry wall applications are identified. Characteristics of different anchor types are compared and recommendations are given for attachment to wood stud, steel stud, CMU and concrete backings, based on consideration of material movements and air space dimensions, as well as they types of membranes and continuous insulation.


Learning Objectives

1. Review appropriate anchor types and methods for anchoring masonry to wood and steel studs.

2. Identify proper anchors for masonry with continuous insulation.

3. Discuss options for anchoring full bed depth stone veneer to stud and CMU backings.

4. Compare anchor designs and options for attachment of masonry veneer to CMU and concrete construction.


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