Lunch + Learn: Introduction to Thin Brick Systems [Baltimore]

12:00pm - 1:00pm

600 South Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21231
United States


Lunch will be provided.

Our events are open to architectural, design, and building industry professionals only.


Introduction to Think Brick Systems

One of the new developments in construction is the increased use of thin veneer systems. Clay brick is a perfect fit for these types of installations. We will discuss basic wall detailing and construction. There are multiple combinations of materials to use in a thin brick wall. We will minimize the confusion and give you a clear and concise way to achieve a sound thin brick wall. Topics to be covered include :


We will look at the way in which thin brick are made and how this affects their use. Certain processes are better suited for different types of installations.


As mentioned previously, thin brick can be installed in a variety of ways. We will examine all options and give the positives and negatives with each.

Cost and Estimation

There is some misinformation on the actual cost of a thin brick wall. We will look at the special concerns related to thin brick and show you an accurate comparison with other walls to allow you and your owner to make an informed decision.

Life Cycle / Durability

There has been some concern with regards to the life cycle of these thin veneer walls. We will also discuss real world expectations for these systems.

Learning Objective 1:

Identify the environmental benefits of thin clay brick.

Learning Objective 2:

Discuss potential cost saving related to the use of thin brick when compared to face brick.

Learning Objective 3:

Compare and contrast physical properties of thin brick used in adhered veneer assemblies with face brick in anchored veneer applications

Learning Objective 4:

Discuss the various thin brick veneer wall systems and application available including Precast, Tilt-Up, and Adhered Applications and their performance relating to use as an exterior wall system including water penetration resistance and movement.





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