Learning Series: Adding Interest with Brick Shapes [Des Moines]

12:00pm - 1:00pm

4601 NW Urbandale Dr. Suite 112
Urbandale, IA 50322
United States


Lunch will be provided.

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Adding Interest with Brick Shapes

One important reason for brick's popularity is its ability to adapt to design criteria. It can be shaped and used in a wide variety of traditional and contemporary detailing: Such as arches to sills, copings, columns and treads. This program focuses on the use of shapes, not only to increase the aesthetic quality of brickwork, but also toward accomplishing better detailing and better performing brickwork. Many applications involve units that are not normally considered to be brick shapes. Increased water penetration resistance, reducing the size of expansion joints, and the proper design of acute angle corners, can all be realized through the use of shapes.

Discussion will focus on increased performance of brickwork through the use of specially designed brick, i.e. arch design and versatility, sloped sills and caps, shelf angle brick, and even brick sculpture. Included will be discussion on how to reduce the cost of shapes through individual brick design and considerations of color, size, and bond patterns.

Other topics included in this presentation are --


Glen-Gery makes every effort to see that special shapes match the color of the field brick used.

Radial Brick

What is the smallest radius possible without using a special shape?


Should obtuse angle corners be designed with 8 inch and 4 inch leg or a 6 inch and 2 inch leg?

Standard Brick

Special shapes are not necessary in many job specific applications including arches, sills, and caps.

Historical Reference

We often forget that many historical details, that included special shapes, were used for more than just aesthetic reasons.


Brick masonry and its use as sculpture are on the rise. Examples of brick sculpture will be presented and discussed.




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