Speaker Series: Manufactured Stone

1:00pm - 2:00pm


Webinar with Glen-Gery's Jeff Charles on Manufactured Stone. An AIA credited (1 LU/HSW credit) presentation held via Zoom.

About this Event


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Manufactured Stone Veneer - Design, Installation and Maintenance

Recent developments in construction detailing and installation have resulted in the increased use of manufactured stone veneer systems. The stone look has been popular for centuries and new systems have been created to get a natural stone appearance and a very durable veneer system while reducing wall costs.

Topics to be covered include -


We will look at the processes utilized to create cement based stone veneer units and the many different colors and patterns available. We will delve into the means and methods used to achieve these different looks while ensuring quality materials.


As with any wall system, there are certain guidelines, requirements and best practices that should be followed to ensure a properly performing installation. We will also discuss proper installation techniques.

Cost and Estimation

Costs and budgets are important for any project and when considering which materials to include, manufactured stone veneer can help. While there are many variables that affect price and appearance, we will give you the tools to complete an accurate comparison.

Life Cycle / Durability

Today’s buildings are being held to a higher standard of resiliency and life cycle. We will discuss the expected life cycles of manufactured stone walls and ways to increase durability and performance.


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