Speaker Series: Designing with Glazed Brick for Style and Performance

1:00pm - 2:00pm


Aesthetics and Performance Capabilities of Glazed and Surface Coated Brick Products

The durability of clay brick and the beauty of ceramic glazes have been combined for millennia to provide accents, highlights and entire facades of many iconic buildings of distinction and prominence. Today, brick coated with glazes and engobes continue to provide and extend the palette of brick colors and textures beyond the traditional, and provide the almost unlimited variety in aesthetics that designers expect. Many designers have yet to fully discover or understand the design capabilities, material characteristics and installation methods that provide superior performance in a wide variety of building applications from subways and schools to prisons and palaces.

HSW Justification:

This program incudes information related to: 1) the physical properties required by ASTM and building codes for brick 2) building code requirements for masonry veneer 3) industry recommended detailing that enhances resiliency and promotes health and safety by ensuring that water is managed properly and

Learning Objective 1:

Compare physical property requirements and characteristics of ASTM standards for glazed and surface coated brick.

Learning Objective 2:

Identify applications that are enhanced by the benefits of glazed and surface coated brick, as well applications for which they may be inappropriate.

Learning Objective 3:

Apply design, specification and installation best practices that promote optimal appearance and durability performance of glazed and surface coated brick.

Learning Objective 4:

Discuss enhanced water management strategies that are unique to glazed brick assemblies


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