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Brickworks Opens New North American Supply Center

New 25,000-square-foot masonry supply center in Des Moines designed to meet all the project needs of architects, trade professionals and homeowners under one roof

des moines supply center opening

Des Moines, Iowa.​ (May 27, 2021) — Brickworks North America, parent company of Glen-Gery, has announced the grand opening of a new masonry supply center in the greater Des Moines metropolitan area. The new supply center is a modern space that has been carefully designed to foster creativity, maximize project efficiency and promote education among trade professionals and homeowners.


"Glen-Gery has always been committed to providing customized, end-to-end solutions to meet every customer's unique needs," said Mark Ellenor, president, Brickworks North America. "Whether you're an experienced builder, architect or a homeowner, the new supply center in Des Moines is a premium one-stop shop where customers can not only collaborate and leverage our expertise, but also compare, select, and purchase everything they need for their projects." 


Located at 4601 NW Urbandale Drive, the supply center's 25,000-square-foot space includes:

  • A consultation area where a team of experienced staff will offer expert advice, review plans and guide customers through the product selection process for projects of any size. 
  • A stunning 7,000-square-foot showroom displaying an impressive portfolio of products, including brick, stone and pavers. 
  • An 18,000-square-foot warehouse hosting a large selection of masonry products and supplies. 
  • A trade area where builders, contractors and homeowners can purchase necessary tools and supplies. 
  • A fully-equipped training and education center for trade professionals to expand their knowledge and technical skills through a forthcoming series of seminars, classes and trainings. 
  • A high-end event space for industry events hosted by Glen-Gery.

Glen-Gery currently operates ten masonry supply centers in the U.S. and has a long history of manufacturing and distributing brick products in Iowa. To learn more about Glen-Gery, visit


des moines supply center opening



Whether you’re building a new home or planning a special project, you’ll find everything you need at a Brickworks Supply Center.