In the popular imagination, brick is conventionally rough-edged and ruddy, so much so that “brick red” is a commonplace. In truth, brick comes in a stunning array of colors and finishes – and glazed brick extends that palette dramatically. It’s a refreshing architectural alternative that leaves a lasting impression. Glen-Gery, America's leading producer of quality brickwork for more than a century, offers a full line of glazed brick in a variety of colors and finishes that challenge not only the stereotypes of brick use, but the visual possibilities of commercial buildings in general.

Glazed brick begins as typical extruded clay. A coat of glaze is applied to the brick prior to firing. The resulting product displays a hardened surface that’s integrated into the surface of the brick – the ideal means for adding gorgeous finish and color to any commercial application. Glazed brick is impervious to liquids and gases. Its graffiti resistant quality makes it an ideal choice for institutional applications. It’s available in myriad colors, from brilliant white to deep blue. Glazed brick textures vary from glass-smooth to speckled and rough. The potential uses of glazed brick are many, and the results are universally striking.

In addition, glazed brick is customizable. Glen-Gery carries an impressive range of standard brick shapes and sizes, but will also cater to the needs of individual projects and contractors, applying glazed finishes on custom brick. Planning and consultation with Glen-Gery's expert staff makes virtually anything possible your project requires.

Glen-Gery glazed brick surpasses the ordinary, taking brickwork to new heights. Storefronts, showrooms, facades – indeed, any space or any surface that can benefit from an infusion of glossy color can go from standard to striking, from conventional to conversation-starting. Our line of glazed brick products gives commercial building projects the power to move beyond what's expected, and to achieve what is dreamed.

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