A versatile modern brick look that excels in highly varied applications.


Extruded Brick is available in a wide spectrum of colors coupled with a multitude of shapes and textures. One of the quiet marvels of modern brickwork is the ease with which brick can be created through the process of extrusion. Glen-Gery extruded brick offers you the versatility, strength and value that you need.

Glen-Gery is at the forefront of brick technology. Extruded brick, created mechanically, is perfect for any construction project and those where budget is of special concern. Usually identified by its core holes, extruded brick is created by forcing a mixture of clay and water into a die, then cutting the resulting column into shorter units with wires before firing. This results in a sturdy, visually pleasing brick product that's great for a wide range of applications.

Glen-Gery extruded brick is available in a spectrum of appealing colors, complemented by attractive shapes and finishes and meet FBS or FBX standards. This makes it one of our most versatile product lines. Extruded brick is affordable, without sacrificing Glen-Gery's signature quality and style. This means you can realize ambitious, creative brickwork projects at reasonable cost while maintaining your high standards of architectural character. Whatever your project, however big or small, Glen-Gery extruded brick offers you the versatility, strength, and value that you demand.


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