The largest palette to create your masterpiece.


Brick is, by nature, evocative. When selected as the facing surface of any building, it delivers a powerful statement of what that structure stands for. Glen-Gery’s multiple lines of brick empower architects and designers with ultimate brickwork solutions, through a medium that responds fully to practical and aesthetic requirements.

From the most modest projects to large-scale corporate undertakings, facebrick from Glen-Gery has met those requirements since the company’s founding in 1890. That’s a claim that can only be made on behalf of the most versatile product offerings – and those drawing on the deepest traditions of skill and manufacturing integrity.

Our handmade brick presents a classic, individualized product that harkens to the glorious masonry of colonial times. Extruded brick creates even, clean lines while controlling cost and maintaining Glen-Gery's standard-setting quality and consistency. Our Thin brick yields a tremendous design palette where space limitations prevail.

Molded brick extends the boundaries of traditional brickwork by providing precisely the lines, contours, and sizes most projects demand. We manufacture a complete selection of brick shapes to match our comprehensive line of extruded, molded and handmade brick. And our glazed and klaycoat lines are offered in a spectrum of shades and finishes that challenge stereotypes of what brick can be: gloss surfaces and subtle mattes that take the product to new heights, in custom colors.

Whatever the project – designing a new shopping outlet, creating a corporate plaza, or planning a home addition – the perfect look is at hand in the possibilities embraced by our facebrick lines. Our expert staff can assist, customizing an experience that utilizes these products to their complete potential. There's no limit to what can be achieved with Glen-Gery.