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EDL Dark Grey Paver

EDL Dark Grey Paver

Product Information:

Brand:  Glen-Gery
Type:  Paver
Color:  Grey
Style:  Extruded Paver
Plant:  Harmar
General Availability T H L
4x8 Straight Edge Paver 4 2-1/4 8 in.

Unit Specifications
Glen-Gery extruded paving brick are manufactured to conform to the ASTM International Standard Specification C 902, Class SX.

Dimensional Tolerances
Glen-Gery extruded paving brick are manufactured to ASTM International C902, Application PS dimensional tolerances. The tolerances for various unit dimensions are typically: 3" and under,  +/-1/8"; over 3" to 4",  +/-3/16"; over 5" to 8",  +/-1/4". Generally, the product ordered will contain a few units which are over or under the specified dimension. Certain extruded pavers are manufactured to meet Application PX dimensional tolerances.

Glen-Gery extruded paving brick have a wire-cut finish on both beds.


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