Dark Pumice (K09-7053)

Product Details:

The product is available as thin brick and can be manufactured to meet PCI physical property requirements* and withstand the 1,000 psi pressure. This product is typically cut to 3/4" thickness, but can be cut to 7/8" or thicker, which would include a ribbed back. It is available in the sizes listed below up to 12” lengths. Please contact the Hanley Plant directly at (814) 856-2171 for more information.

*Listed in the 3rd edition of the Architectural Precast Handbook

Product Information:

Type:  Facebrick, Thin Brick - Pre-Cast/Tilt-up
Color:  Grey
Style:  Klaycoat
Plant:  Hanley
Texture/Finish:  Smooth
Special Order T H L
Modular 3-5/8 2-1/4 7-5/8 in.
Standard 3-5/8 2-1/4 8 in.
Engineer Modular 3-5/8 2-3/4 7-5/8 in.
Engineer Standard 3-5/8 2-3/4 8 in.
Econo 3-5/8 3-5/8 7-5/8 in.
Norman 3-5/8 2-1/4 11-5/8 in.
Utility 3-5/8 3-5/8 11-5/8 in.
Jupiter 21 Apartments


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