Choose from six unique textures available at our Hanley Plant that will have passersby reaching out to touch and feel. The textural offering at Hanley goes far beyond the smooth and wirecut products typical of most manufacturers.

New textures: craftsman, stone rolled and warble add textural variety to an already extensive line of architecturally focused products. These new textures will be available on most extruded colors, including engobe (shown below on the Black Pearl), glazed and klaycoat products offered out of Hanley.

The craftsman texture contains random, pronounced rough indentations, while the stone rolled products have a smooth surface with subtle indentations. Warble texture can be described as an irregular, smooth ripple-like surface. 

With six total surface texture options, the product offering from Hanley is one of the most diverse in the industry, offering the the utmost design flexibility. Architects and designers have the ability to select a color – including custom colors, pick from one of six textures and choose from more than a dozen sizes to produce a truly one of a kind project.

Select a non-traditional texture to give your brick a truly distinctive look and feel!

Download our Hanley Textures brochure

Reqeust tilable images for architectural rendering software

BlackPearl SA11 9003
Black Pearl Smooth Texture

BlackPearl WA11 9003
Black Pearl Wirecut Texture
HAN BlackPearl RA11 9003 M
Black Pearl Rough Texture
HAN BlackPearl CA11 9003 M
Black Pearl Craftsman Texture
HAN BlackPearl SRA11 9003 M
Black Pearl Stone Rolled Texture
HAN BlackPearl WBA11 9003 M
Black Pearl Warble Texture
HAN UrbanGrey CK12 3010
Urban Grey Craftsman Texture
HAN UrbanGrey SRK12 3010
Urban Grey Stone Rolled Texture
HAN UrbanGrey WBK12 3010
Urban Grey Warble Texture