LandmarkStone Specification 3.19


NTA Evaluation Report

NTA Evaluation Report

LandmarkStone leed 3.19
LEED - Green Paper

Glen Gery Landmark Stone SDS 3.19
Safety Data Sheet

50 yr. Warranty 2019

50-year Warranty

Landmark Profile Measurements 3.19
Profile Measurements

MVMA Installation Guide 3rd Edition Final Page 01
Installation Guide


Note: It is important to recognize that Glen-Gery's Landmark Collection of stone veneer products are an adhered veneer or façade which are attached directly to a cementitious substrate for purposes of providing ornamentation and a first layer of weatherization protection. Adhered Concrete Masonry Veneers are not intended as a structural product or a waterproofing element. Most importantly, the real subject matter expert is your local building department and the local building code. Your local building code will supersede all other written or verbal installation guides provided by Glen-Gery or the MVMA. For more information about the MVMA, please visit



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Cladding - Transition
Typical Wall
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