Have you ever dreamt about adding brick or stone to the exterior of your home? Making a decision that will change the entire look of your house can be very intimidating and stressful. Many people have a difficult time imagining how it will look or what other products and elements to incorporate to make their investment aesthetically pleasing.

Glen-Gery’s Picture Perfect allows homeowners, builders and architects to bring their ideas to life before their very own eyes with the click of a button.

Picture Perfect is a virtual design tool consisting of three entry points:

  1. Picture Perfect allows users to browse from a gallery of pre-mapped home styles and select one that is best suited to begin designing. If none of the homes are desirable, the user can select Picture Perfect DIY.
  2. Picture Perfect DIY will prompt the user to upload an image from their computer then follow a few quick steps to map their own image. If a user finds this to be too difficult, or would rather have their image professionally mapped then Picture Perfect Pro should be selected.
  3. Picture Perfect Pro will prompt the user to upload an image from their computer that will mapped by a team of professionals. The image will typically be returned to the user within 24-48 hours. There is a small fee for this service.

Now that a home or building is selected or a personal image is mapped the real fun can begin! Users are able to choose from over 500 Glen-Gery brick products and over 40 Glen-Gery Stone products to begin applying!

Users can select different wall sections and begin changing brick and/or stone products independently. This tool does not end here! Users are also able to change mortar color and see how it directly affects the entire look of the products selected.

A user can change other elements of the home/building as well including roof color, trim color, window color, door and garage colors and also pick a shutter color. Projects can be saved and shared on social media or emailed at any time during the process.

Users can provide a list of selected products to their builder or architect making the communication process that much easier.

Bring your ideas to life today.