Selecting a mortar color and the application in which it is installed is an extremely important part of a masonry project and can dramatically change the finished look of a project. Similar techniques can be used for brick and stone installations. Take a look at various mortar techniques below. Further enhance a project by selecting a colored mortar to compliment your masonry product. 

Brick & Mortar

Twenty percent of a brick wall's surface is mortar. There are many different types of mortar techniques. The images below show just a few of the most popular mortar techniques: standard concave, over mortared and grapevine.

CAP Louisa D
TwilightIronspot M
Twilight Ironspot
VineyardBlend M
Vineyard Blend
MAR MesaTumbled E
Mesa Tumbled (Over Mortar)
MAR StThomas M
St. Thomas Tumbled (Over Mortar)
MAR WheatonTumbled M
Wheaton Tumbled (Over Mortar)
Danish 1776
Danish "1776" (Grapevine)
Hubbardton 1776
Hubbarton "1776" (Grapevine)
Lorraine White HMOS
Lorraine White HMOS (Grapevine)
Stone & Mortar

Adding or omitting mortar from stone applications can greatly change the look of the stone. Mortar is a beautiful addition to our Ledgestone, Stackstone and Glen Ridge profiles which are often finished without mortar. Some of our profiles which are typically finished with mortar can be installed without mortar (or dry stacked) for a unique look such as the Cut Cobble fireplace shown below.

Cut Cobble (Dry Stack)
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Glen Ridge (with Mortar)
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