Drainage Mat

The essential moisture control product for veneer. The key is proper drainage and ventilation.

drainage mat

The Glen-Gery Drainage Mat is an all-wall engineered rain screen drainage and ventilation mat for all sidewall applications including manufactured brick and stone. The Glen-Gery Drainage Mat creates a rainscreen concept without the cavity wall cost. It also helps neutralize the air pressure differences between the outer and inner wall, which greatly reduces the opportunity moisture has to infiltrate the wall system.

When there is a significant air pressure difference between the outside environment and the inner wall system, moisture is driven into a wall system via cracked sealant joints caused by the expansion and contraction of building materials over time. Diffusion and capillary action play a major roll in moisture migration as well. By building with the Glen-Gery Drainage Mat, the wall system will not only drain correctly, but ventilate as well. It has been proven that ventilation in a convective fashion will dry the wall out significantly quicker than conventional methods.

In residential construction the siding is often installed directly against the weather resistive barrier. Once moisture gets past the veneer it has nowhere to escape. This will often lead to call backs for moisture related issues, such as mold and rot, which become costly for both the homeowner and the contractors involved. Glen-Gery’s Drainage Mat is the clear choice to avoid these moisture-related issues.

  • Perfect for brick and stone.
  • Creates a dedicated airspace behind veneer for enhanced drainage and ventilation.
  • Helps to prevent moisture problems, mold growth, and premature wall assembly deterioration.
  • Integrated insect screen.
  • Class A Flame Spread Rating.
  • 30-day UV exposure (max).

drainage mat map

Drainage Mat 202

  • Available Thickness: 6mm (.25")
  • Roll Size: 39" x 61.5'
  • Roll Weight: 16 lbs.
  • Roll Diameter: 16"
  • Heat bonded filter fabric with built in bug screen



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