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Melissa Roberts Interiors
Master Bathroom

Melissa Roberts is the creative and designer behind Melissa Roberts Interiors. She loves all things design and enjoys sharing it with her community of social media followers through her Instagram and blog.

Melissa is usually on the move and loves change. But when she and her family made the decision to stay put and enjoy the house they live in, she knew she wanted to revamp some areas of their home.

Que the master bathroom remodel!

The master bathroom in her home is a beautiful space with simple details and a neutral color palette. She knew she wanted to embrace change in the space while keeping the remodel practical. So, she made a list of priorities and an accent wall was in the top 5.

While the original bathroom was still stunning, she felt it lacked character and was underwhelming. "When I walked into the room I was underwhelmed and there was only one way to fix that, stone! and Glen-Gery offers some of the most beautiful stones and bricks" said Melissa. This feeling led her to the idea of incorporating an accent wall into the space. Melissa fell in love with the Cashmere Stackstone from our Landmark Stone Collection and felt it exuded a “spa retreat” vibe.

The stone worked perfectly with her vision and was utilized throughout the entire space of about 200 square feet. It brought charm, texture, depth, character and a warmth that the space was lacking.

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to partner with Melissa and watch her create something truly luxurious with our products and a space that she and her family can enjoy for the years to come.


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