A Rustic Modern Home

130 Square Feet of Landmark Stone
40 Feet of Linear Corners

Last year, Tiffany from @myrusticmodernhome began building her dream home. As the exterior bones of her new home started coming together, it was time to start designing the interior. Tiffany decided to paint her traditional red brick exterior a pure white color to achieve the look she longed for in her dream home. The timeless red brick carried inside to the living room fireplace, but Tiffany fell in love with a white limestone to achieve a more rustic vibe for her living quarters. Tiffany selected the Glen-Gery Cashmere Limestone from the Landmark Collection because of the bright neutral tones and variation of the stone pieces in the limestone profile.  

“Cashmere Limestone has the light gray and white tones we were looking for and it also has multiple size pieces.  We have white walls in our home with black windows.  So, we wanted to keep our fireplace neutral and seamless in design yet have texture, making a standout statement.” – Tiffany

Tiffany’s design inspiration came directly from scouring the internet, spending countless hours browsing other home designs and compiling her favorite components from each. She had been following several other Instagram influencers who used stone on their interior fireplaces and knew she wanted to recreate a similar look for her home. Luckily, for Tiffany, Glen-Gery had the perfect stone to fit her vision and completely transform not only her fireplace, but also her entire living space, into the most gorgeous statement piece in her home. “Everyone walks in and says, WOW!” – Tiffany.

When we asked Tiffany about her experience collaborating with Glen-Gery on her design, here is what she had to say:

Q: What was your experience working with Glen-Gery products? 

A: “Our experience working with Glen-Gery was seamless! From measurements to shipment!”

Q: Would you use Glen-Gery products again in the future? 

A: “Yes most definitely! We would love to use Glen-Gery products again! Wink, Wink – we have another project in mind!”

Q: Would you recommend Glen-Gery to a friend? 

A: “We would absolutely refer Glen-Gery to friends! They have amazing options for any design space!”

We are thrilled with not only the outcome of Tiffany’s project, but also her positive experience. She intends to use Glen-Gery products again soon, when she begins work on a custom water feature at her pool! Glen-Gery’s Landmark Stone Collection add to any interior or exterior space, adding texture, depth and warmth. 

Tiffany’s favorite part of this process was watching the installation of the stone and the transformation that took place in her space, right before her eyes! “I can’t talk about the Cashmere Limestone enough. I would give our projects outcome a 10/10, hands down!” – Tiffany.

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