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A Modern Farmhouse

A Q&A with Natalyn from @modernfarmhouse_nat

Q: Why did you decide to build your new home?

A: We originally were looking at buying an existing home, but with how high the market was and having a specific style in mind, building is what ended up working best for us.


Q: What made you choose Cashmere Limestone as your exterior stone?

A: I have always loved the modern farmhouse style. With the black and white exterior of our home, I knew I wanted a stone that would complement those tones. The Cashmere Limestone was the perfect choice - it has that modern and clean look to balance out the classic farmhouse feel.

Nat also chose our Sandcastle brick product, from our Linen Series, for her interior fireplace. Sandcastle is a fresh, crisp product that shows slight hints of white to grey tones, and while this product has an absence of color, the heavily textured face speaks volumes. 


Q: What was your design inspiration?

A: “Modern farmhouse was my inspiration for our whole house. Black, whites, and grays, with different pops of color.

While Nat chose a white stone for her project, which was the perfect fit, Glen-Gery also offers a variety of Landmark Stone products in different colors, hues, and profiles. View the full Landmark Stone offering here


Q: How has Glen-Gery products helped to transform your home?

A: The element of stone that we added from Glen-Gery really is what gave our home that more modern style.

White stone has become increasing popular over the last few years in residential home designs. Our Cashmere color is also available in a Stackstone profile, for those homeowners who are looking for a different edge.


Q: Would you use Glen-Gery products again in the future?

A: Absolutely! I always recommend Glen-Gery and get so many compliments on our exterior stone and fireplace.

Glen-Gery has over 600 brick products, and over 40 stone products to choose from. While this is a large variety of products, and can be viewed as overwhelming, we have tools available to help narrow down your selection. Like our virtual design tool, Picture Perfect, that allows users to upload an image of their home (or even a blueprint!) and virtually apply our different products to their home to see how their vision will come to life. 


Q: What would you do differently if you had the chance to redo this project?

A: Nothing, I love how everything turned out.


Q: What was your favorite/least favorite part of the whole process?

A: Being patient with how long the building process takes but the best part is seeing my vision come to life!

On average, it takes about seven months for a new home to be built, from the beginning stages, to the move in day. This an exciting time for the homeowner, and also leaves plenty of time to finalize any interior designs, as well as exterior landscape designs. 


Q: How would you rate the projects outcome?

A: 10/10

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