Brick...the world's most enduring and enjoyed building material

Hand holding brick

A brick home is more than a style. It's a personal reflection of those who live within. With brick you can dream any design, and transform it into a beautiful, living experience. It doesn't matter if your tastes tend toward Colonial or Contemporary, Classic or Modern, quietly understated in traditional lines or boldly announced in a look that's ahead of its time -- brick makes for an unmistakably individual home.

Brick embraces our sense of comfort and well-being, and makes us feel connected to our environment in beautiful colors that spring from nature itself: earthy browns; sunny and playful tans; whites muted as a shoreline or brilliantly crisp like a frosted wintry morning; reds rich, fiery and flashy; and the romance of delicately blushed roses and petal pinks.

Then, there is the look and feel. The true art of fine brickmaking is visible in the many textures and surface treatments that further define brick's signature look.

Olde Detroit

Olde Detroit

Danish "1776"

Danish "1776"

Lorrain White HMOS

Lorraine White HMOS

No other building material offers so many elegant ways to create detailing and unique architectural effects. In walls, windows, entryways and landscaping -- from vaulting arches to rising columns, subtle sills to expressive corner projections, sculpted chimneys to decorative bond patterns accentuating facades and pathways -- at very first glance, nothing leaves a more memorable impression than a brick home.

Brick gives us everything that we desire in a home -- comfort, enduring beauty, style, craftsmanship and peace of mind. More importantly, brick delivers all that we need in a home -- permanence, stability, security, design integrity and long-term value. Throughout history brick has been chosen by those who want a home with character and a home that contributes increasingly to their investment.

Rosewood brick


Brick's universal appeal is founded on several compelling qualities that are the hallmarks of fine home construction. Brick is virtually maintenance-free, standing up to the elements year after year with virtually no care required by the homeowner. Brick is resistant to moisture, pests, fire and damage, as well as relatively soundproof. The color of brick is permanent -- further ensuring that your home's beauty will never fade.

Brick's proven reliability passes the test of time in any climate. Its insulating capabilities and passive solar heat retention make brick equally suitable for southern summers and northern winters. Furthermore, brick's "thermal mass" prevents extreme temperature fluctuations on the outside of your home from affecting the comfort of you and your family.

Brick also provides lasting value to your home investment. Studies show that brick homes have higher resale values than their non-brick counterparts. And, brick contributes to lower utility bills and insurance premiums.

Let's not forget one more feature... brick is beautiful!